It all started in 2016, when we thought it would be a good idea to offer cheese to our booth visitors. It was a miserable fail …

But then it went uphill from there. Hello! We’re …


Laila Hassaballa

We started this business because food was (and still remains to be) our favorite way to explore a new place authentically. Before that, we worked in the graphic design field for 6 years, but we first met years before that when we studied together.

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Then we decided to do something about our love for food, but the food blogging market was pretty saturated, and we realized we can positively impact the food scene in a much more experiential method. So we started Bellies En-Route.

We believe there’s more to food than just eating.

Year One

We prototyped our tour while we still worked full-time jobs. And as soon as we quit, came year two …


Year Two

We were luckily featured on The Independent, followed by BBC’s Travel show, followed by John Torode’s Middle East on the Good Food Channel and others!


Year Three

We started the year by hiring Amir, who joined Bellies En-Route to feed more people (and kick-ass). And we’re hiring even more awesome people!

Food activity picture.jpeg

Meet Amir!

Tour guide & home cook

Amir is a passionate cook and loves spending time with people. He sings in the Cairo Celebration Choir and his favorite dish is spaghetti Bolognese. One of the reasons why we hired Amir was because of his amazing curls that definitely gave ours a run for their money, but you only get to see them on tour, thanks to that chef’s hat.


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