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Scratch calendar 2019

Bellies En-Route is always happy to support and collaborate with fellow start-ups, and that’s why we’ve decided to partner up this year with our friends behind Scratch Calendar 2019!

Scratch Calendar is inspired by the famous worldwide product, the Scratch map.

Scratch Calendar is produced, designed and made in Egypt by two Egyptian artists who are passionate about traveling and art. They wanted to produce something crafty that can be used for both marketing and educational tools to position Egypt.

The calendar is shaped like post cards where each month represents a different Egyptian historical figure with a short description on the back.

We think this is a memorable souvenir to buy on your trip to Egypt since every figure portrayed is unique and less popular, so you’d probably be learning new information that is off the beaten path and authentic, just like our style of tours.

If you want to own the calendar now, let us know in the special requests while booking a tour or shoot us an email at feedme@belliesenroute.com. We will bring your calendar to your tour! Get ready to start scratching and revealing a historical Egyptian figure.

Scratch Calendar also comes with a small chip to use for scratching off without messing up your fingers.